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We're planning on 2024 be our biggest year yet as we expand both our Junior and Senior programs. To learn more about the 2024 season click below:




As the largest club in the country, we have a complex and dynamic need that requires a wide range of team and club roles to ensure success both on and off the field. Each role is critical in supporting the team and ensuring that players have the resources and support they need to perform at their best.

One of the most important roles is that of the coach. Coaches are responsible for developing game plans, training players, and overseeing practices and games. They provide critical guidance and support to players, helping them to improve their skills, develop their technique, and grow as individuals. Coaches are often experienced players or individuals who have a passion for the sport and a desire to help others succeed. Many of our junior teams have volunteer coaches who are parents who just want to get further involved in the game.

Trainers and medical staff are also essential team roles in American football. They are responsible for ensuring the safety and well-being of players by providing medical care, injury prevention, and rehabilitation services. Trainers work closely with coaches and players to help them stay healthy and perform at their best, while medical staff are on hand to provide emergency care in the event of an injury.

Team managers play a vital role in supporting the operations of the team. They are responsible for managing equipment, arranging travel and accommodation for games and events, and overseeing administrative tasks such as team registration and scheduling. Team managers are often highly organized and detail-oriented individuals who are passionate about the sport and committed to helping the team succeed.

In addition to team roles, we also require a range of game day roles to ensure that games run smoothly and efficiently.


Ball persons are responsible for retrieving and returning the ball during games, while time keepers ensure that games run for the appropriate duration. Stats keepers are responsible for tracking player and team statistics, and down and distance markers are used to indicate the current position of the ball on the field.


These roles are often filled by volunteers, parents, partners or individuals who are passionate about the sport and want to support the team on game day.

From coaches and trainers to medical staff and team managers, each role plays a vital part in supporting the team and helping players to perform at their best. Whether on the field or on game day, each role is critical in ensuring that the team operates efficiently and effectively, and that players have the support and resources they need to succeed.

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