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All players in 2012 must complete their Gridiron Victoria online registration

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For the 2012 senior season all players and sideline staff need to complete the Gridiron Victoria Online Registration and pay the registration fee which is $100 for players, and $65 for sideline staff.

Click on the link below and follow the online instructions. Simply click on the New Registrations link if you are a new player or if you are an existing player login and pay, if you dont know your login use the password retrival service.

Gridiron Victoria Online Registration

If you have any questions regarding the online registration please see a member of the Rangers committee or the coaching staff.

2010 Senior Gridiron Victoria Results

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2010 Gridiron Victoria senior results, where the Rangers finished 8-4, bowing out to the eventual champions in the semi final.

Please click here for the 2010 junior schedule and results.

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2010 Gridiron Australia Senior Nationals

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Senior Team Player Recruitment

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The Croydon Rangers recruitment drive for the 2010 senior season is now underway. If you are interested in playing, coaching or helping out with the Rangers senior team now is the time to act. The Rangers are looking for new blood to inject into the club for the push towards the playoffs in 2010.

If you are interested in playing, coaching or helping out with the Rangers junior team please contact the club today.


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Croydon Rangers 2015 Senior Roster

No. Name Position
3 Richard Garraway
4 Mark Doyle Linebacker
6 Cody Austin Defensive Back
9 Thomas Kinloch Linebacker
10 Josh Petracca Wide Receiver
12 Brett Parisi Injured Reserve
13 Todd Dawson Wide Receiver
15 Jarrod Dreischel Defensive Back
17 Lucas Huysmans Quarterback
18 Matthew McKie Tight End
19 Jamie Stafford Quarterback
20 Damian Pope Vanterpool Linebacker
21 Jordan Beck Runningback
22 Andrew Amato Fullback
23 Chris Barnden Wide Receiver
24 Brock Wellington Defensive Back
28 Nathan Pincus Defensive Back
29 Nick Johnston Defensive Back
30 Dylan Atwell Defensive Back
32 Taran Marston
33 Carmelo Malivindi Line Backer
41 Tyson Burgess Defensive Back
42 Ben Guenther
43 Liam Fordham Defensive Back
47 Matthew Jan Full Back
48 Jason Marriot Linebacker
51 Dakota Summers Offensive Line
55 Sam Weller Offensive Line
60 Stephen Cupido Offensive Line
61 Alex Plattfuss Defensive End
62 Benjamin Hanlen Offensive line
63 George Kardaris Offensive Line
64 Julian Corbett Defensive End
65 James Arthur Center
66 Michael Davern Offensive Line
67 Daniel Cameron Center
70 John Elliott Defensive Line
71 Morgan Collins Defensive End
72 Jacob Twohig Offensive Line
73 Taylor Gist Offensive Line
74 Daniel Vaitohi Offensive Line
81 Ian Box Wide Receiver
82 Foo Yi Lee Defensive Back
83 Matthew Le Quesne Wide Reciever
85 Jack Plunkett Wide Reciever
86 Rhys Simpson Line Backer
87 Kirill Kouzmin Wide reciever
88 Liam Rob
89 Andrew Soulos
91 James Penny Line Backer
93 Emmett Saul Defensive End
97 Aaron Smith Defensive Line
98 Darren Johnstone Defensive Line
99 Ben Williams Defensive Line

Head Coach: Richard “Super Coach” Garraway

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