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Mark Doyle

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Captain Mark Doyle

POSITION : Line Backer, Defensive End
AGE : 29
PLAYED FOR VICTORIA : From 2001 to 2005 for juniors, 2005- 2010 for seniors
PLAYED FOR AUSTRALIA : 2003 junior national squad, Been selected to the Australian senior squad 3 times
AWARDS : 150 games for the Rangers, 2002 junior offensive linemen of the yr, 2003 senior coaches award, 2003 junior defensive mvp, 2008 senior defensive MVP, 2010 senior defensiveĀ MVP
SENIOR OR JUNIOR TEAM CAPTAIN : Junior captain from 2003- 2004

Came down to the club as a 16 year old kid who was tired of playing afl and fell in love with the sport straight away. I love the contact of the game but also that you have to be smart as well you just cant smack people and expect to win, there is a a certain level of thinking involved if you want to be successful in this sport.

Thing that keeps me coming back each year is the group of guys I play with and that on any play you can change the outcome of the game.

Coaching Positions Vacant

Article updated

The Croydon Rangers have a number of coaching positions available for the 2010 senior season.

The Rangers are looking for the following positions to be filled, Special Team Coach, Offensive Assistant and Defensive Assistant. If you feel any of these roles would suit you please forward your interest to the club.

All coaches with the Rangers have their Gridiron Australia coaching accreditation paid for as well as a Level 0 umpiring course.

If you are interested in coaching with the Rangers senior team please contact Head Coach Mark Fairweather

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