Croydon Rangers Game Day

Week 12: Rangers defeat Miners 14-0

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Brock Wellington joins the 100 games club

The Croydon Rangers march towards the 2015 playoffs gathered momentum as they defeated the Berwick Miners 14-0 at home on Saturday.

With more than 30 years of history in the stands as the club celebrated their homecoming weekend the Rangers were methodical in handling their oldest rival.

The defense pitched their second shut out of the season despite repeatedly being backed up in the shadow of their own end zone with several goal line stand.

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Week 2 – Rangers def. Miners 38-0

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Croydon Rangers Team 200th Win

1st 2nd 3rd 4th Total
Rangers 6 19 7 6 38
Miners 0 0 0 0 0

The Rangers celebrate their 200th win all time with a solid 38-0 victory over the Berwick Miners.

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In trying conditions they flew out of the gates early with two trips to the red zone before finally scoring a TD in the opening quarter.

With a commanding lead 25-0 at half time the Rangers continued to press with two more scores in the second half.

Running back Kit Ng finished with four TDs, including two long runs from scrimmage to the end zone, whilst QB Jamie Stafford threw a long TD pass to Josh Gibbs for 66 yards. Jordon Beck celebrated a big day out in his rookie senior year with several decisive carries culminating in a big touchdown early in the 4th quarter. Congratulations also to Kirk Dalziell and Matty Pitt who caught their first passes in a Ranger jersey.

Team Scoring Summary Qtr Score
Rangers Kit Ng 7 yard TD run (2PT No Good) 1st 6-0
Rangers Kit Ng 13 yard TD run (2PT No Good) 2nd 12-0
Rangers Kit Ng 66 yard TD run (Ian Box XPT) 2nd 19-0
Rangers Josh Gibbs 67 yard TD reception from Jamie Stafford (2PT no good) 2nd 25-0
Rangers Kit Ng 54 yard TD run (Ian Box XPT) 3rd 32-0
Rangers Jordan Beck 6 yard TD run (XPT No Good) 4th 38-0

Sunday June 6th 2010 РSydney Pargeter Reserve Power Road, Endeavor Hills. Melway Ref. 91 B1 or click here for Google Maps

Photos Week 12 – Rangers vs Miners

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Photos Week 10 – Rangers vs Miners

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