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All Rangers in action this weekend

If it seems to you like it's been a hot minute since we've not had a game at Ranger Field for a whole weekend, you'd be right. Ranger Field has hosted matches Weeks 6 - 9 in GV action, up to four games in a single day. Speaking as an ex-President of the Club, I know what toll that can take on the Club to front up week after week and host - while it may make travel easier for players, friends and family, it puts a huge strain on the Club's resources.

So while the season is by no means over, and we will be hosting again as the season continues, this is an opportune time to applaud the Club Committee as well as team Coaches & Managers for making the magic happen each week, in the usual professional Ranger way. And of course, we couldn't have done it without the friends & family that have helped as chain crew, officials, time-keepers, ball persons, canteen helpers, first aiders and everyone else that has pitched in over the last 4 weeks... thanks for helping make the load that little bit lighter, and we look forward to your future assistance... now on to week 10!

This week we have all four teams taking to the field - more below.

Under 19s - 10:30 am Saturday (Geelong) Rangers (1-3; 4th) vs Royals (5-0; 1st) The Rangers have been improving week on week this season, but this week they come up against a clear competition favorite in the Royals. The undefeated ladder leaders have not been bothered yet this year - can the Rangers cause the massive upset? We all hope so!

Womens - 2:00 pm Saturday (Geelong) Rangers (0-2; 3rd) vs Bucs (0-2; 4th) Two years ago and no one would have expected either of these teams to sit 0-2, let alone both teams. The term "must-win" can be overused a bit these days, but both teams will be feeling the must-win pressure this week down in Corio. The Cru and Raiders have handily managed both these teams in 2019, and this match could determine who remains alive in 2019, with a chance to right the ship ahead of finals and still potentially influence the VicBowl.

Men - 5:30 pm Saturday (Geelong) Rangers (6-2; 5th) vs Bucs (7-2; 4th) A massive clash this week in the late Saturday slot, and with more than just the 2 points on the line; this is the annual Jon Johnston Memorial Trophy match. The winner of this match will take the clear advantage to finish in the top half of the finals, and perhaps the easier run in the finals - although both teams have dropped to one match to a 5-8 side already this year (Rangers against Dragons, Bucs vs Preds). It could be argued that the Rangers performances have been improving more consistently through the year, and have performed better against the stronger opponents, but in matches against the Bucs, you can throw form out the window!

Under 15s - 9am Sunday (Reservoir) Rangers (3-0; 1st) vs Spartans (2-2; 3rd) The Rangers had the bye in Week 9, after moving to the only undefeated team in the competition with a win over the Bucs. The Spartans have hit form in the last fortnight with two consecutive wins, and will be looking to stamp their name on this season. The Rangers will look to continue their undefeated run and consolidate their status as the team to beat in 2019.

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