Ranger Colts battle all day against league leading Predators

The Jetmaster Heat & Glo Croydon Rangers Stuart Thompson Landscapes Colts headed for Berwick in GV’s Week 3 action.

Sitting with a 1-1 record and missing a number of players through injury the Croydon Rangers knew they were going to have their hands full against the league leading South Eastern Predators; a team that had been dominating their opposition in the previous matches.

The first quarter saw a defensive struggle as the Rangers defence held the usually rampant Predators offence, whilst the Croydon Rangers worked the ball into good field position, yet failing to convert their opportunities; a theme that had carried over from the previous week. As the opening quarter drew to a close the Predators were able to capitalise on good field position and ran in the first touchdown of the day and converted the two point conversion.

The second quarter didn’t assist the Rangers falling further behind as the Predators passing game helped them into the endzone. This time the subsequent two point conversion was no good, however, rising rookie Middle Linebacker Macleod Kayne suffered a dislocated shoulder.

On the back of a handful of conversions, the Rangers looked to the air and quickly responded with a touch down, coming from Cornerback / Wideout Manjy Majing, taking a critical pass from quarterback Tom Veale to put the Rangers on the board; the Ranger trailing 14-6 at the half.

The second half of the game petered out into a defensive struggle, with both teams at times conceding yards on defence, only to be stop the opposition offence short of scoring. The Rangers continued to play with their hearts on their sleeves, with players like Tom Veale (QB), Declan O’Carroll and Tom Taylor going both ways for most of the day. Holding their own all day, the final score remained the same as that at half time; 14-6. Whilst by no means a victory, the result does send a very clear message to the rest of the competition that the Rangers Colts are genuine contenders in 2017.

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