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2015 Opening Weekend and Casino Night.

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The Croydon Rangers Gridiron Club host the Geelong Buccaneers American Football Club in the first round of the 2015 Gridiron Victoria Senior Season.

There will be a double header at Ranger Field – Home of the Croydon Rangers Gridiron Club on the Saturday, giving the GV community a great picture of who will be the teams to beat in 2015.

Game 1 – Kickoff 1030 am
Western Crusaders Gridiron Football Club vs South Eastern Predators Gridiron Club

Game 2 – Kickoff 130pm
Croydon Rangers vs Geelong Buccaneers

The canteen will be open serving the “World Famous” Ranger Burger, while The Lone Ranger Bar will keep the drinks flowing through the bar. Grab a beer and head outside to enjoy what will hopefully be favorable Autumn weather.

Stick around after the matches for an extra beer or two, and the Rangers Casino Night:

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