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2011 Pre-season training coverage Maroondah Leader

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The 2011 Gridiron Victoria (GV) season looks set to be an historic one for the Croydon Rangers.

Embarking on its 28th season as one of the oldest clubs, the Rangers will enter two teams as part of an expanded league encompassing two divisions and 11 teams.

Building on a highly successful television campaign which saw an unprecedented level of interest, the league has welcome four new clubs into the fold. And to help with the development of all this new talent, GV will run a Division 1 comprising the five established teams, whilst Division 2 will play host to the four new clubs. Rounding out this new competition will be a second team from both the Rangers and the Monash Warriors making six teams in total.

For the Rangers, sustaining a second unit has been made possible by the influx of eager, exciting rookies ushered into the fold by way of the One HD commercials.

“This is truly an exciting time for the Croydon Rangers. With more than 30 new prospects consistently at training to compliment our experienced players, the concept of two teams will ensure the long term success of this club and the growth of Gridiron Victoria” explains Head Coach Mark Fairweather.

Provisioning a second side also gives the expanded playing group another reason to feel good about the upcoming season – increased playing time.

“Traditionally in the past, with 30 players on the squad and only 11 out on the field it becomes increasingly difficult to ensure guys get their opportunity to get involved and make plays” Fairweather adds.

“With a second side, everyone will get solid minutes to represent the Croydon Rangers in game situations.”

The Rangers will be hosting an intra-club match on Sunday 17th April in Springfield Avenue Croydon, with the 2011 season to start on May 7th.

Matt Iseman from ‘Sports Soup’ live at Comics Lounge

Article updated

Comedian, and host of popular American television sporting program Sports Soup Matt Iseman will be appearing at The Comics Lounge on Sunday 20th and Sunday 27th March.

Iseman covers American Football extensively in the States and even attended Bengals Wide Receiver Chad Ochocinco’s wedding.

This will be a great show, be sure to get along and support one of our principal partners:

The Comics Lounge
26 Errol Street North Melbourne

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