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Australian Outback National Team

27th September 06

Gridiron Australia has announced the Australian Outback train-on Squad for the 2007 World Cup Campaign. Three Rangers have been selected, Safety Tom Kinloch, D Linemen Mark Doyle and O Tackle Tim Davies have all made the squad.

In conjunction with the announcement of the Australian Senior Squad, Gridiron Australia has also announced the junior squads selected to represent Australia in any 2006/2007 international matches/events. One Rangers has made the team, O Guard Stephen Cupido.

The Croydon Rangers would like to congratulate all the guys who have made the squad.

Mark Ursu named Croydon Rangers MVP

18th September 06

Croydon Rangers quaterback Mark Ursu was named the team MVP last Saturday night at the Rangers presentation night. Ursu had a fantastic season setting many new records for the Rangers.

The award winners are as follows.

  • Rookie of the Year : Joint winners, Ian Box and Beau Williams
  • Most Improved : Paul O’Sullivan
  • Coaches Award : Nathan Pasco
  • Special Teams MVP : Mark Ursu
  • Lineman MVP : Tim Davies
  • Defensive MVP : Aaron Collins
  • Offensive MVP : Stephen Churchill
  • Most Valuable Player : Mark Ursu
  • 200 Games Award : Thomas Kinloch

Tom Kinloch 200 strong

23rd July 06

Tom Kinloch already holds the games played record for the Croydon Rangers and has now reached the 200 games mark, the first Ranger to do so. Kinloch got his 200th game with a 43 to 12 win over the Bay City Buccaneers, with a great show of respect both team gave Kinloch three cheers for his accomplishment. Everyone at the Croydon Rangers pass on their congratulations to Tom and hope for many more games to come.

2006 Senior Schedule

3rd Apr 06

Gridiron Victoria has released the 2006 schedule for the upcoming senior season.

2006 Annual General Meeting

27th Mar 06

The Croydon Rangers elected its 2006 committee on the 27th of March at the 2006 AGM. Kevin Collins was elected as the clubs President. Mark Ursu was elected as the Vice President, Sandra Davies as the Treasurer and Peter Davies as the clubs Secretary.

2006 Season

8th Feb 06

Dates have now been set for the 2006 seasons. The Senior Season will commence on Saturday 29 April and will conclude with VicBowl XXII on Sunday 10 September. There will be mid-season break from Saturday 24 June to Sunday 16 July (inclusive) to allow our State Team to compete in the 2006 National Championships in Adelaide.

The Junior Season (Under 19s) will commence on Sunday 15 October and conclude with the Riddell Bowl on Sunday 10 December.

The first game of the Senior Season will be the 1000th Senior Game played under Gridiron Victoria or its predecessor, the VGFL.

NY Jets coach’s Aussie start

19th Jan 06 by Grantley Bernard of the Herald Sun

IT’S FAIRLY safe to say Eric Mangini is doing a lot better than the Kew Colts.

An instant millionaire after yesterday signing a five-year deal to be the New York Jets’ head coach, Mangini is doing far, far better than the Colts.

The club folded not long after the American led them to the Gridiron Victoria championship in the early 1990s, then headed home.

“They won the championship, he went back and they folded,” GV vice-president Peter Steve said. “When he went back they lost a lot of drive.”

It is a drive that helped Mangini, as player-coach, take the Colts to the top, and helped him work through the NFL system from the bottom up.

Mangini, who is 35 today, did menial tasks as a public relations intern for the Cleveland Browns before signing as the Jets’ head coach.

Not that the Kew Colts are Mangini’s only link to Australia.

According to the New York Times, Mangini is the man who discovered the punting talents of Ben Graham, who last year quit his AFL career with Geelong to try out and sign with the Jets.

So Australia has been pretty good for Mangini, who came out here in the early 1990s during his college summer holidays to visit his brother Kyle.

He stayed long enough to win a title with the Colts and returned often enough to see Graham’s prodigious skills.

It was on Mangini’s recommendation the Jets kept close tabs on Graham until he broke into the NFL this season, but now it is Mangini’s turn to break through as the league’s youngest head coach on a deal reportedly worth $2.6 million-$3.3 million a season.

After the Colts convinced him his future was as a coach, Mangini went from the basement at the Browns to the coaching staffs of the Baltimore Ravens, the Jets and New England Patriots, where he was defensive co-ordinator this season.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick helped Mangini into the football operation at Cleveland and took him to every other coaching stop he has made, including with the Jets under Bill Parcells.

“I’ve been a coach for 11 years. I’ve been on three Super Bowl-winning teams,” Mangini said. “I’ve got an extensive foundation to build the Jets into a Super Bowl-calibre franchise.”

It was a foundation that started with the Kew Colts and ended with Mangini’s appointment to the Jets, no doubt providing a buzz for those who played with and against him 15 years ago.

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